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Burningword Literary Journal Quarterly

An Emerging Regionalist

"I am a regionalist photographer. I photograph the everyday, the familiar in unfamiliar places. Russian photographer Anna Shustikova suggests 'the mundane is given its beautiful due 

in that it is photographed at all.' Back roads and across rural landscapes, meeting people, visiting towns along the way - this is where my heart lives. My take-away from the towns

I visit is often an architectural structure; in better days, 

a place of importance. Dated. Discarded. I am relaxed and curious working within a somewhat documentary-style that

I continue to develop. While there is always an emotional connection at play, at times the attraction may be as simple

as some brief aesthetic pull. I have long since given up the reason why. I understand why. My work is intuitive and not always apparent; always with consideration to the fundamentals and principles of art."


Wilson is is a graduate of the fine arts program at Illinois Central College; the University of Illinois; and is a Juried

Illinois Artisan for Photography by the Illinois State Museum. He was a medical/surgical and generalist photographer, executive writer, and media relations specialist during his professional career. Prior to that he worked many years

cutting steel in a foundry and drove a truck for a time, 

Dedicated to John (2009), my partner of 35 years,and the

furry little ones who were also our partners through the years. 

I miss you guys.