An Emerging Regionalist


"I photograph the everyday, the familiar in unfamiliar places. ‘The mundane is given its beautiful due in that it is photographed at all,' suggests photographer Anna Shustikova. Structures left behind; dated, discarded,

curious. From small rural communities, along back-roads, and occasionally within once-thriving urban neighborhoods; these are my vistas. I am relaxed and curious working within a developing documentary style

with an emphasis on design. I am hopeful that my photographs are reminders of humanness, culture,

and community.”

Wilson is a graduate of the fine arts program at Illinois Central College; the University of Illinois; and Juried

Illinois Artisan for Photography - Illinois State Museum. 

A medical/surgical and generalist photographer

and writer during his 35-year professional career, he worked many years cutting steel in a foundry and drove

a truck for a time. 

For John (2009) my partner of 35 years, and the

furry little ones we shared  - I miss you guys.

Member, Center for Photography at Woodstock, NY; Member, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO

Friend, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago; Member, Peoria Art Guild