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Ten years ago, a friend passed along a remedial piece of editing software he found online. Late one evening and into early the next morning, music raucous, tired eyes, I began using the software attempting to salvage a bad photograph. Before deleting the photograph, I began using the software in ways that were never intended. A couple hours later I stared in amazement at what had been created. There wasn’t much left of the original photograph, and that was fine, but now the question “what the hell is this”?

Through 2013 and into 2014, I was obsessed with creating this stuff. I didn’t abandon my camera, but I spent too much time away from it. Apparently, this had been a welcome diversion. The time had come to stop. And I did.

Recently, I looked back at the designs. Here are a few of the best. I will leave them here for a time and then back into the folder they’ll go. It’s curious to see early designs juxtaposed with later more finessed images.

Surrender Dorothy appeared in an exhibition of black and white art at William Woods University, Fulton, MO., 2017

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