A few of my favorite photographs from along the way

Design. For as long as I can remember I’ve been intrigued by design. Lines, shapes, forms, color, monochrome, values and space and how everything fits together. When I was very young,

we had an old encyclopedia set and I recall studying pictures of flags. At first it was as simple

as colors and shapes. Later, it became why. Why particular colors were incorporated and what they meant. Why a particular design was used and objects – what did these objects mean.? That led

to an interest in history, culture, and society

and such. Photographer William Eggleston said

of his photographs – “They are like little paintings.”

In a sense, that sums up my feeling, too. I draw from an environment, a regional palette, of small rural communities and crisscrossing back roads. Structures that once played an integral part in the community now dated, discarded, and left behind. While some rural communities have diminished, some thrive. I never know what I’ll find. I just go to

see what I’ll find. I travel light – camera hand-held – monopod/tripod readily available. I work with the weather and light I’m given. I often seek out locals

for conversation, direction, thoughts, memories. Interestingly, there are times I find nothing and other times it can be overwhelming. I understand going in that I am suspect. Everyone knows you’re a stranger. And so, you engage when possible. Be respectful. Listen. Everyone has a story. These small towns are not foreign to me.; there is an emotional component. There is this fundamental line that travels back decades. The work continues to develop. The curiosity never wanes.