Big Fish 1

Wilson is a regionalist photographer, born and raised in Central Illinois. He was an on-call medical-surgical, generalist photographer, writer, and communication specialist, in the health care and library science fields for 36 years. Prior to that he cut steel in a foundry and drove a truck for a time. Illinois Central College Fine Arts; University of Illinois; Juried Illinois Artisan for Photography. "I photograph the everyday, the familiar in unfamiliar places. The dated, discarded, curious. Rural communities and once-thriving urban neighborhoods,; these are my vistas. I'm hopeful

my photographs are reminders of humanness, culture, and community."

Dedicated to John, my partner of 35 years (2009)

and the furry little ones shared through the years.

I miss you guys.



"Art history introduced me to the depth of fine art and more specifically, art in America. I’ve always had this curiosity about color field painters and the early American abstract expressionists. People like Ellsworth Kelly and Barnett Newman and Robert Motherwell. It’s fascinating to look back at their photographs, too. Yes, photographs.

   My heroes, William Christenberry, friend William Eggleston, and contemporary photographer Carl Corey, provide a deeply-rooted emotional tug. 

   Eggleston said "Whether a photo or music, or

a drawing or anything else I might do—it’s ultimately all an abstraction of my peculiar experience." And so, I’ve found myself on this path I guess, finding ways to incorporate pieces of the past, not nostalgic mind you, yet maybe a bit of Americana, with this curiosity about color and design and old and odd and such. One of the things I admire about Eggleston is his defiant attitude. When Henri Cartier-Bresson said to Eggleston "your work is bullshit," I can imagine Eggleston wearing that as a badge of honor.

   Central Illinois is my visual library and I pull from it what strikes me at the moment. I continue to find my voice and moments when everything comes together are worthy of the worry.​"

  • James Keefe Photography Prize Recipient 64Arts National Juried      Exhibition Buchanan Center for the Arts, Monmouth IL 2021

  • The Motif Collective - Shortlist - "SYMMETRY" 2020

  • Editor's Pick - lensculture Black & White Photography Awards Competition Gallery 2020

  • Burningword Literary Journal, 2018-2020

  • Peoria Art Guild Members Show People's Choice Award 2020

  • Black Box Gallery Portland OR Shadows/Light Catalog Cover 2020

  • First Award Professional Division Illinois State Fair 2018

  • Donor Award Nicolet College Rhinelander, WI 2018

  • Third Award Images of Illinois Exhibition 2017

  • Lonnie Eugene Stewart Award of Excellence GALEX Art Exhibition 2017

  • William Woods University Fulton, MO. Four images selected 2017



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