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"I'm interested in the artfulness of those things that make up the region where I've lived all my life. I'm a design junkie and seek out the time-worn, curious, and funky. I explore rural communities and urban neighborhoods for reminders of humanness, culture, and community. My photographs are little portraits, an investigation of this place. I continue to find my voice and moments when everything comes together are worthy of the worry." 


Wilson was a medical, surgical, and generalist photographer, writer, and communication specialist in the health care and library science fields for 36 years - cut steel in a foundry and drove a truck for a time. He is a graduate of the fine arts program at Illinois Central College, received a BA from the University of Illinois, and is a juried Illinois Artisan for Photography, Illinois State Museum.

My buddy Jack_edited.jpg


to John, my partner of

35 years (2009), and the furry little ones that were family.

I miss

you guys.

Sprinkmann Building, Peoria

"Wilson's Sprinkmann Building

has, somehow, the calm, authoritarian clownishness

our great politicians aim for

but don't achieve." 

Foundry Gallery, Washington DC 

August 2020

Western Avenue.jpg

Western Avenue, Peoria

Catalog Cover

Shadows and Light Exhibition

Black Box Gallery, Portland OR

"Don't confront me

with my failures,

I had not forgotten them." 

These Days, Jackson Browne

Sun, Memphis_edited.jpg
head shot_edited.jpg

Technicraft of Peoria


Designers, creators, builders, makers, installers and,

all really nice folks.

Peoria Art Guild

Peoria Art Guild

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