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“Whether a photo or music, or a drawing or anything else I might do, it’s ultimately all an abstraction of my peculiar experience.” William Eggelston

Sunday afternoon, April 11, 2020, I sat at a red light across from the Sprinkmann Building on SW Washington Street in Peoria. I can’t imagine the number of times I’ve driven past this building. On this day however, with quiet excitement, I saw the Sprinkmann Building for the first time. I photographed the building in the same way I photograph most things, straight-forward. The Sprinkmann Building is first about its history and its connection to the Peoria community. Just as important are its visual components, symmetry, design, structure, color. Post-production was minimal and included contrast, minor sharpening, and getting rid of some unwanted debris.

Exhibition press release from Foundry Gallery, Washington DC, stated: "Wilson's Sprinkmann Building has, somehow, the calm, authoritarian clownishness our great politicians aim for but don't achieve." 

Sprinkmann Building, Peoria_edited.jpg
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