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“Whether a photo or music, or a drawing or anything else I might do, it’s ultimately all an abstraction of my peculiar experience.” William Eggelston

For years now I’ve mowed a three-acre section of land just east of Benson. It’s perfect and beautiful. The site is home to 40 trees of all sizes, shapes, and smells, and an absolute bitch to mow. I’ve come to know many of the trees – I’ve been scraped and poked, hit upside the head and slapped in the face more times than I should admit. One such tree is a gorgeous yellow apple. I’ve watched it grow. I’ve viewed it from every angle. When I decided to photograph it – with consideration to the above quote, I wanted to elevate, and create, and I suppose, capture this visual-notion that was in my head.

Yellow Apples_edited.jpg
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